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FierceFit Miami came about when founder, Michelle Bertran, realized that there was nothing else she saw herself doing upon graduating from the University of Miami besides becoming an entrepreneur and opening up her own gym. Since she was just 14 years old, fitness has been a great passion of hers. Michelle realized that Miami lacked a bit of variety when it came to the types of workouts that were offered. That is where high intensity interval training was introduced to her indoor bootcamp. Michelle created workouts that are short and fun, but still incredibly effective and safe.

At FierceFit, you can find people of all ages and fitness levels. As a matter of fact, we even have members who are recovering from injuries and are looking to strengthen/get back into shape without further injuring themselves. We pride ourselves in being a genuine ‘no judgement zone’ and helping others reach their fitness goals in the most effective and safe way we know how.



Born and raised in Miami, growing up Gabriel played plenty of sports like baseball, basketball, and football. Once he enrolled in South Miami Senior High, Gabriel joined the wrestling team and that is where he grew to love fitness. Wrestling showed him true discipline and perseverance. It also taught him how to control his nutrition and slim down from 170lbs to 145lbs.

During one match Gabriel got injured and dislocated his shoulder, which was a blessing in disguise. He did physical therapy for shoulder rehabilitation and learned so much that it helped him decide what he wanted in life. Gabriel then decided to pursue this field and got a Bachelors degree in Sports Medicine. He hopes to one day become an exceptional physical therapist. As a trainer, Gabriel is passionate about helping people reach their ultimate potential and making any goal attainable for our members.



Krista was born and raised in Canada until she was 15 years old, then moved to Florida. She has lived everywhere from Deltona, Arizona, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and Orlando. She grew up playing soccer and even had the chance to play college for one year before making her way to do the Disney College Program in Orlando. Krista got her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Ole Miss and is now in Miami pursuing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at FIU.

Growing up in multiple places along with doing many different sports and coaching group fitness in college has allowed Krista (along with her degrees) to focus on helping people in many different areas. From being able to help coach in the gym and then help treat after it hurts.