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FierceFit is for everyone

FierceFit is for everyone no matter the level of fitness or age. However, it is not your typical boot camp class. It is a high-energy workout combining elements of high intensity interval training, metabolic-conditioning, plyometric training and boot camp. Every day is a completely different workout so that our bodies don’t become accustomed to a certain routine/movement. At FierceFit, you will see results. Our workouts burn a great amount of calories and boost your metabolism. We strive to help you attain your goals, be stronger, inspired, tougher physically and mentally, and most importantly, make an important change to your lifestyle that your body will only thank you for.


Client Stories

  • I was on vacation

    I was on vacation and after a few days of enjoying the food in Miami too much, I was looking for a good workout. I decided to try Fierce Fit after I saw on their website that the first class was free. I figured why not, I have nothing to lose. Let me tell you, this boot camp really did the trick! When I arrived there was plenty of parking, which already got me in a good mood before I even started. I stepped in the gym and was immediately in love with the writings on the wall. There are inspiring messages to keep you going throughout the workout. Before we started we thoroughly warmed up with some running and drills. Michelle and Gabriel, the two trainers, wrote out the workout plan on a whiteboard and demonstrated each move to be done. The exercises we did were a mix of classic challenging moves (deadlifts, burpees, etc.) and HIGH REPS, like 50. It’ll hurt, in a good way! We worked with a lot of cool equipment (like kettle bells, dumbbells, pull up bars, boxes, and heavy medicine balls) which was so fun and really kept my body guessing! What I loved and appreciated the most throughout the workout was that Gabriel and Michelle were right there the whole time. They would walk around and give each person individual coaching, form correction, and attention. Michelle’s “Yes! GOOD JOB! Get it girl!” phrases will keep you going. Most of us in the class were young or fit, but there was an older woman in the class that day and she was struggling with some of the moves. Gabe and Michelle were so encouraging and gave her some modifications. In fact, they did not move on until she got the exercises down. I was very impressed by their customer service. I’ve seen the types of workouts that they post on their instagram page and I was kind of intimidated to try the gym!! But it was truly a no judgement zone. You’ll be pushed and challenged when you need words of encouragement and you’ll be helped if you’re lost. I felt like the exercises were a good mix of strength and cardio. By the end I was drenched in sweat. There were “sweat angels” on the floor, as they say! Trust me, it’s worth it. I was sore for 2-3 days after my workout!! There’s no reason not to try this gym. The first class is FREE!!

    Kenia Romero ,

  • Fiercefit is the best place to workout

    Fiercefit is the best place to workout to get the Results you want. The classes are targeted in a way that you will always get a full body workout but can go at your own pace. Also, the coaches are extremely motivating. They will always push you and help you reach your goals. I have lost weight and tone up over these past few months and continue to results every day. I have had my family and friends join and everyone has a great experience. All I can say is Fiercefit is the best training facility in Miami.

    Rebecca Barreiro,

  • Fiercefit is the place to go

    Fiercefit is the place to go if you’re looking to get fit and feel motivated. The coaches are amazing! The owner Michelle will make you feel right at home. They work you up to your full potential which is amazing because you work at your own pace. I started with them training for a pageant and looking to drop 10pounds and tone up. I am now 10pounds lighter and much more lean. They got me on a personalized meal plan that had filled me with energy and kept me going. Believe me I hate working out , but fiercefit and its coaches keep me coming back. Check them out you wont regret it !

    Melissa Fernandez ,